8. Team tents

This information is OLD, please go to our new website: http://www.ryebikefestival.no for correct and maintained information!

Go to https://rittresultater.no/ryeterrengsykkelfestival to reserve a place for your team or club tent. There is space for 30 tents in the arena. Those who have a reserved tent space may drive up to Langsetløkka and offload the tent and any other equipment, before immediately driving down to the parking area. Contact the kiosk for your assigned tent space. If you forget to reserve, we cannot guarantee a tent space. Ask the parking attendant when you arrive if any tent spaces are available.

It is very demanding to organize a race, and it is uncertain whether such an arrangement yields a surplus or not. NCF and UCI set requirements for prizes, and establish ceilings for starting fees. Therefore, there are not many ways to cover the costs of such an arrangement. We therefore charge for a tent space in the arena. Many cross-country skiing events also do this. The price is 300 kr per 3m x 3m tent module. That is, 600 kr for a 6m x 3m and 900 kr for 9m x 3m.