10. Times and Rounds

This information is OLD, please go to our new website: http://www.ryebikefestival.no for correct and maintained information!

This section has all the important times from when you arrive in the arena.

10.1 Opening hours for the Secretariat

You collect your start number from the Secretariat, which is located in the small building at Langsetløkka (see Arena map). The Secretariat is open:

To collect the start number, you must have a license for 2015. If you ride in the Master, Elite (19+) or Junior category, you must have a full year license. When the deadline for registering for the race has passed, we check whether registered Norwegian riders in these categories have a full year license. If you do not then have a license, you must show your license when you collect your start number. In any case, take your license with you to the race. Foreign riders must show their license in order to collect their start number.

Riders in age group categories may use either a full year or a one-race license. You may purchase a one-race license at the Secretariat. It costs 50 kr. We have a card payment terminal.

Attach the start number in a visible location on the handlebar. Elite (19+) or Junior riders shall in addition wear a number on the back of their jersey. A timing chip is glued to the back of the start number. You use the same start number/pair of numbers every day, so look after it/them. If you lose your start number, you may purchase a new one in the Secretariat (50 kr). Note: Start numbers usually fall off during transport outside a car; therefore, please remove the start number before you put the bike on the car.


10.2 Training times

Regulations for training on the course:

  • Your start number must be fixed to your bicycle when you train during the official training periods.

  • Cycling on the course is not permitted while a race is underway; this applies regardless of which category is cycling. Breach of this regulation might lead to disqualification.

  • All training during official training periods shall be done in the direction of the race.

  • It is not permitted to modify the course, for example by moving a marker or digging/moving parts of a built element. Breach of this regulation leads to the rider being excluded from the course and possible disqualification.

  • Respect walkers

  • All training is done at the rider’s own responsibility and risk

You find a link to the GPS track of all the courses in Arena and Courses. The courses are roughly marked on Saturday, 2nd May. The courses are fully marked on the afternoon of Thursday, 7th May. During the official training periods, first aid providers are at the arena.


10.3 Team leaders' meeting

There is a team leaders’ meeting each day of the Festival. The meetings are held in the same building as the Secretariat. Note that UCI regulations require team leaders or their representatives to attend team leaders’ meetings in stage races (paragraph 4.1.026).


10.4 Timing chip check before start

Riders are themselves responsible to go to the tent to check their timing chip (integrated into the start number). Do this at least 30 minutes before your start.

In connection with the timing chip check, the NCF Commissaire may perform an inspection to ensure that the rider has an approved helmet, bicycle and jersey (mainly with respect to the Elite (19+) and Junior categories). Riders must then sign a statement that they have undergone this inspection. Riders in these categories must therefore present themselves for this inspection and bring their equipment with them. 


10.5 Calling to the start

Riders are called to assemble at the start no earlier than 20 minutes before the start on Friday and Saturday. We give more information at the team leaders’ meeting. In categories where riders are called and put in starting number order, we issue a warning 5 minutes before the assembly begins. Riders themselves are responsible to assemble at the start; if they arrive too late, they do not get the starting position corresponding to their start number. We provide information about which categories are called up and organized in starting number order on our website, and at the team leaders’ meeting.

In the Master categories we organize the riders according to their ranking points, but across the categories in the same start. Using the Master men as an example, riders on the first row can come from several age categories. If two riders from different age categories have the same number of ranking points, we give the younger rider a position at the start line first. This means that we have some level of sorting across age categories in the same start. We do the same for women.

On Sunday we call each rider to start about 5 minutes ahead. The speaker announces the start of each category about 10 minutes ahead of the starting time for the first rider in the category. 


10.6 Timetable for Friday's stage (NC #3)

10.7 Timetable for Saturday's stage (NC #4)


10.8 Timetable for Sunday's race (NC #5)