14. Parking

Langsetløkka is in Kjelsås in Oslo, in a residential area with narrow streets. All traffic to and from Langsetløkka disturbs the neighborhood residents. We wish to maintain a good relationship with the residents; please respect them when you visit the area for inspection and on the race weekend!

There is a large parking area below Langsetløkka where everybody must park. A programme costs 50 kr which you must pay for when you park. Only cash accepted. Exact change makes the process faster.

Note: It is not possible to park in the few ordinary parking spaces at Langsetløkka nor in the narrow streets in the area.

How to get to the parking area:

Take Ring 3 to Storo. Exit at Storo, direction Grefsen. You should then be on Grefsenveien. Follow the road with streetcar tracks up to the street car’s end station. Continue in the same direction past Kjelsåshallen. Immediately after Kjelsåshallen, the parking area is on the left.

Use “Oset, Oslo” as the destination in Google Maps, or the address “Midtoddveien 34, 0494 Oslo” on GPS.

How to get from the parking area to the arena:

Walk about 400 meters, taking about 6 minutes.